How to Choose the Best Free Ecommerce Website Templates in Canada (Shopify Templates)

Choosing a template for your ecommerce site is super important! Here is how to choose the best free ecommerce website templates in Canada (Shopify templates)

Between launching your online store and choosing your product category, there is one important step - going through the best templates and choosing the best one for your new store

Going through the best free ecommerce website templates in Canada will take a few days or weeks, so that is why we have decided to analyze Shopify (one of the most popular ecommerce platform in Canada) and the beautiful collection of templates this platform offers.

Shopify and other hosted ecommerce solutions make it super easy for you to launch a store, customize your store’s look, add your items, and prepare for launching.

You need to keep in mind that each step in the creation and designing of your new store has to be smartly considered so you can achieve your goals. Just like selecting a product category that is too narrow or too broad, a boring or poor-looking store will turn your potential customers off at their first visit.

Did you know that 70% of people don’t really trust poorly designed websites?  

There are several Shopify templates you can choose from Shopify (some of them are free of charge) as to learn how to create an ecommerce website. This article will help you decide and find the best template for your ecommerce website.

What is an ecommerce website template?

A website template is a ready-to-use website design that you can download in just one click and install onto your current site. This is quite different from the traditional way of creating a store as it allows you to create a professional and a nice looking store in just a few minutes.

Choosing a website theme or template will determine how your website is going to look. We all know that first impressions matter and you don’t just want to choose any other theme, until it represents you, your products, and your brand. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of finding and choosing the right ecommerce template for your business, and it is why you need to consider not just the type of website you want to create, but the features, customization options, experience, and budget as well. Your ecommerce website template will lay down the foundation of how visitors and potential customers will perceive you, so you should look into the important things you need to consider before choosing your web store template.

ecommerce site

- Your template must look familiar - According to experts - the website should be self-explanatory and obvious! The best Shopify templates have conventional design and use popular layouts. Both free and premium templates follow the same design principles. Shopify templates are perfect for your ecommerce site as they have a modern and consistent look which people today feel comfortable looking an navigating. Choosing a simple design is best for converting potential buyers into loyal ones.

- Consider your resources when choosing a template - Dynamic visuals are super important when engaging your visitors. But, keep in mind that there is nothing worse than a badly designed banner welcoming your potential customers on the home page. When going through the collection of free ecommerce website templates, determine how many resources you can invest into your store image design. For example, if you are on a tight budget or if you don’t have design experience, look for Shopify templates with no or a very few banners.

-View your products on the template - When you are checking out a specific Shopify theme, you can see what your products will look like on the theme. The Shopify theme designers insert product images into their templates which will suit the design and style of the template perfectly.

Are free Shopify ecommerce website templates worth it? Yes, they offer many of the crucial elements you need to create a great looking and successful store!